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Cheap Colored Contacts Online

Cheap Colored ContactsCheap Colored Contacts

There are two types of contact lenses today for people to purchase.

There is a group which is used to correct problems with your vision and there is another group of contact lenses which is used strictly for cosmetic purposes.

Few people who buy  these cheap colored contacts for cosmetic reasons go to the doctor. They think that since there is nothing wrong with their eyes, they do not need a prescription.

In the United States, regardless if you have eye problems which need correction or not, you still need a prescription. This is a way for the authorities to track who are selling the lenses and the people who are buying them. Prescriptions are issued to protect the well-being of people who use cheap colored contacts. Consumers will not be breaking the law if they buy contact lenses without prescription in the United States or Canada; it is the company which will be breaking the law.

Most stores today will not agree to sell cheap colored  contacts without a prescription. So, why is a prescription even necessary for cosmetic lenses? You might buy contact lenses which is not the right size for your eyes. Your eyes may be larger or smaller than other people’s.

There is a big chance that you will purchase the wrong lens when you do not have a prescription. An eye doctor can thoroughly examine your eyes and give you the proper contact lens for usage. This will also help you make sure that you can fit the lenses in your eyes without damaging them.

There are certain rules for sellers of contact lenses to follow and most do. A prescription must be presented by the customer before they can be given lenses. If you want to purchase contact lenses from online merchants, you need to fill out a form. After submitting the form, the sellers will get in touch with the doctor who issued the prescription and verify the prescription. If you want to be protected, you should really get a prescription from your eye doctor.

The eye care professional who issued the prescription has 8 hours to verity it. If a doctor fails to verify the prescription, it is already considered a qualified prescription. It is the duty of the merchant to keep records of every transaction done with customers.

Online merchants have cheaper prices than local stores. There are various shops online which are known to sell quality lenses at discounted prices.

People who continue to buy contact lenses without prescription should be reminded that contact lenses do not fit all of us at all times. If your eyes are checked by the doctor you can get the correct size of contact lenses. Be wise, do not risk your health, even when buying cheap colored contacts.

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